Every commercial website in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland needs to have an Impressum, it’s the law. This is ours.


Content policy

The content on Rank Guides follows strict guidelines. We try to create high-quality content that readers can rely upon. We aim to set a good example.

  • Accessible
    We don’t assume that our readers are native English speakers, or fluent German speakers, or long-term German residents. We use plain language and explain the “obvious” things.
  • Free
    Our content is and will always be free to access. We release our original images in the public domain, and we release our original documents under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 license.
  • Neutral
    We want to write honest, unbiased guides. We do not want ads to erode the readers’ trust in our content. We do not let advertisers dictate our content.
  • Verifiable
    We cite our sources, and we try to back all of our claims with citations. If we write something, we want to prove it.
  • Authoritative
    We aim to give complete and trustworthy answers. Other websites should be able to cite our guides as a source.


Advertising policy

We use referral and affiliate links in our content. This is how the website pays for itself. However, we do not want ads to erode the readers’ trust in our content. Our reviews and recommendations are genuine. This is important to us.

We do not accept guest posts. We prefer to interview experts and credit them for their help. If you would like to help us write a guide, contact us.

If you would like to advertise on Rank Guides, contact us.