SEO Glossary

SEO Glossary

In order to implement SEO for a website, various terms are used, which often have complex meanings. In this section, we have tried to collect most of the words used in SEO and express them in simple language.

Automated Submitting
Use a series of different software to automatically introduce and register your website in search engines.

Abbreviation for Active Server Pages,. Microsoft’s programming language for building dynamic websites.

Abbreviation Application Program Interface. . An API is a set of procedures, tools, and rules used to build software.

See Submitting Definition.

announce site to search engines
Introducing a website to search engines by adding the URL of that site to another site.

Animated Ad
An animated ad that often uses a java applet or Gif file to create them.

Anchor text
A text link (usually with a bottom line) used by search engines as an important benchmark. Google pays special attention to the texts inside the anchor texts and is also sensitive to the keywords used in these texts, and these linked texts are very important in Seo. See “Google Bombing” for more information.

Alt tags
The content of this ID is the text that describes a photo. By reading this tag, search engines realize that the content is of the image type and distinguish it from the text.

Alt Attribute
A textual alternative to describing images

Is a search engine purchased and used by Yahoo!

An algorithm is a set of programming rules that tell search engines how to check the content of web pages and display them to users. For example, Google uses various algorithms such as: Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird and… to rank sites on their search results page.

Abbreviation for Asynchronous JavaScript And XML
Ajax allows you to design more user-friendly web-based software. In fact, using Ajax technology, JavaScript is allowed to receive and send the information they need without having to reload the page. ) Be.

Agent Name
This is the name of a crawler or spider that is visiting a page. Spider is an intelligent robot used by a search engine to display the content of a website on the Internet.

Google Ads
Adwords or Google Ads is Google’s advertising system. With this advertising system, you can easily and quickly create your product, service and display it to all the people who are looking for it. Google Ads is a tool to show your ads only to people who are looking for them.

When a searcher searches for one of your keywords, Google Ads displays your Google Ads distinctly from competitors. This way, your ads will be shown only to those who are looking for your products or services.
You can select different promotional texts and different groups of related keywords for each group of your products. Display time, geolocation and daily budget, payment for each click on your ad, and all of these factors can be determined and edited.

Google AdSense is one of the best and fastest ways for website owners of any size to display relevant Google Ads on their site and earn money. Since the ads displayed by Google on your website are completely consistent with the topic and content that users are looking for on your site, displaying these ads will both generate revenue and increase the content and value of your pages. Be.

It is a process by which web pages can be used by people with disabilities, especially the blind. The importance of this issue comes from the fact that search engines are also blind, which means that they can not see images and flash files. Therefore, doing the above process can also help a website be better found in search engines.

Absolute link
“<a href=”” </a> ”

The link above is an example of an absolute link and represents the transfer protocol (HTTP), the domain name, and often the name of a file.

Bulk submission services
A software that is responsible for automatically registering the domain name of numerous websites in search engines.

Broad Match
It is a state of keyword matching and is called matching the search result and the keywords you are looking for.
This means that if you search for the word “sneakers” in a search engine you may get the following results:
– sport shoes
– jogging suit
– Orthopaedic Shoe
In Broad Match mode, the above results may not exactly match your search term.

Bridge page
See Doorway Page.

Summary Robot. Refer to Spider.

Body copy
The text version of a .body copy website is the text visible to the user that does not contain any images or graphics.

Often referred to as a weblog. A blog is a diary or personal writing, a collaborative space, a political environment, a marketplace for breaking news, a collection of links, your private thoughts, and finally notes for the whole world.

Vand be any of these. There are millions of blogs in different shapes and sizes. Despite all the issues raised, it is still not possible to define a specific law and definition for the blog.

A blacklist is a list compiled by search engines or specific users to prevent spammers from appearing in the search results.

Black Hat SEO
Black hat SEO is the same as increasing the traffic of visitors to a site with illegal methods and implementing unrealistic SEO and deceiving search engines.
The following methods are illegal methods to increase site traffic:
– Use hidden text and links
– Using methods that artificially increase the number of inbound links to your site. For example, using LinkedIn sites
– Excessive use of reciprocal links between two sites in order to make a large number of backlinks (two-way link exchange)
– Display two different content to search engines and regular site, users
– Use jump pages, portal pages, or pages that contain a large number of links that have little content value
– Launching another website with the same content as the previous site (copy)
– Using software to automatically generate site content that is not useful to the user
Excessive linking to websites that are involved in spamming

Bidding means specifying a price to display your ad in search engines. This means that you announce a price for your ad to be displayed to the search engine and you will pay this fee if your ad is clicked, so with each click on your ad, the specified amount will be deducted from your account. Will be deducted. Now, if other competitors have ordered ads in the field of keywords that you have selected, the ads of those who have chosen a higher bidding price will be displayed first. The minimum bidding amount is 5 cents per click.

Bid management tool
It is software that is used to manage the bid every time you click on an ad in search engines.

Beyond The Banner
Any type of ad that is not a banner and for example opens as a pop-up.

A line of programming code that is placed inside an ad or corner of a web page to monitor users’ activities such as membership and crawl operations. This file is usually invisible because it is usually 1 x 1 pixel and has no color.

Banner Ad
It is a graphic image, often in the form of a GIF or JPEG file that can be placed anywhere on the web page. The standard size of an advertising banner is 468 x 608 pixels. And its common size is 125 x 125 pixels.

When a search engine prevents your website from appearing on their search results page.

Bait and Switch
Modify page content after it has been submitted to a search engine or directory. For example, introducing a travel agency site to the DMOZ directory real estate group and then changing its content to “food sales” after the site has been approved for display in the real estate group.

The link that is given to a page of the site is called the inbound link to that page. If site A links to site B, the link from site A is a “backlink” to site B. The number of backlinks to a site from other sites is another important factor in improving the ranking of sites in Google search results. In recent years, Google has placed more value on the quality of backlinks and asks site owners to receive more backlinks from reputable sites related to the topic of their site.

CTR – Click Through Rate
Percentage of users who see and click on an ad. Percentage of users who see the site link in search results and click on it to return to the site. Research has shown that the proportion of people who click on the list of search results from search engines is 6 times the click on banner ads. In recent years, the page click rate of a site from Google’s point of view has become an important factor for ranking sites on the search results page. To read more about this, read the article 5 tips in SEO meta description.
Refer to Spider.

Cost Per Thousand -CPM
Pay a thousand times to display an ad in a search engine.
Cost Per Sale -CPS
The cost of selling a search engine ad is called CPS. For example, if a customer clicks on an ad and the result is a purchase of goods and services, the cost of this process is called CPS.
Cost Per Order -CPO
The cost of ordering an ad from a search engine is called CPO. For example, if a customer clicks on an ad and the result of that click is the order of goods and services, the cost of this process is called CPO.

Cost Per Lead -CPL
The cost of creating a potential customer. For example, if a customer clicks on an ad and the result of that click is to fill out a price inquiry form, the cost of doing so is called CPL.

Cost Per Click -CPC
The fee paid for each click. In other words, how much does it cost to click on a link once?

Cost Per Action -CPA
Costs paid to perform an action on a site, such as a cost of sending a newsletter, the cost of registering on the site, downloading a trial software, and…

Conversion rate
Success rated

Turn ordinary visitors into customers or succeed in bringing them closer to the shopping operation (such as the percentage of success in getting personal information such as their name, surname, and email). Therefore, if only one purchase is made out of 100 visitors who visit the site or only one contact form is filled out, the conversion rate is 1%.

The operation of turning ordinary site users into customers or at least bringing them closer to the purchase process. (Like encouraging them to sign up for the charter and…).

Display two different content to search engine and normal site user. In this process, the IP of the page visitor is specified first. If the search engine is requesting, the specific content of that search engine will be displayed to him/her, and if the user is requesting, the main page will be displayed to him/her. This technique is one of the black hat SEO techniques.

The operation of clicking on an ad and going to another website.

Dynamic URL
The address of a dynamic page. Dynamic pages usually have characters such as?, &, =,%, +, Cgi.

Doorway page
Pages designed specifically to rank high, not to help users. These pages are tailored to each search engine. They are usually used in the Cloaking process. In making these pages, we try to make the weights in the best condition for all the parameters, and all the parameters are used. This technique is also considered as black hat SEO.

Domain name
A specific name that identifies a site such as

Directory enhancement
The process of writing the appropriate title and description for a site and selecting the most appropriate list group to introduce the site to it.

A web directory is a site that categorizes and displays other sites in its groups.

Destination page
The page that the user goes to after clicking on a link in the search results.

Deep linking
Linking to a page that is two levels or lower than the first page of the site.

Entry page
The first page through which the user enters a site after clicking on a link.

Full-text index
Archive all words on a page without deleting common words like with, to, from…

It is a technique in HTML that divides the screen into several parts.

Filter words
Common and common words. Items like a, and, or, for, is, but and in Persian from, to, with, on, in…

FFA, free for all
Free for everyone. Sites where anyone can put their link. Pages that contain unrelated links.

False drop
Display a page in search results that has nothing to do with the search term.

Fake copy listing
A page that has a high ranking but its content has been stolen from a page on another site.

Content that has no logical order and is not understandable to the user. In these texts, an attempt is made to repeat only certain words, and the meaning of the sentences and the whole text is not considered at all.

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